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What makes a woman beautiful? Is it the idealized images we see in magazines and on Instagram every day? Is it societies obsession with perfection? Is it painting on someone else’s idea of beauty? It’s none of these things.

What truly makes a woman beautiful is what she radiates from within and then cares for on the outside. It’s an absolute confidence and self-love that shines from the soul into other people’s eyes. It moves you. It transforms you. It’s contagious. I call it Soul Beauty.

I have worked with models, celebrities, professionals, moms, students, teens, grandmothers, cancer survivors and every woman in between and I can tell you what the true secret to being beautiful is. It is owning and celebrating your uniqueness with total passion. It’s kicking away all of those corrosive comparisons to others you may think are more conventionally beautiful. It’s about stopping, what I call, the “compare and despair game”. You compare yourself to someone else and then tear yourself apart for not measuring up. That is an utter waste of time and one of the ugliest things you can do to yourself.

achievesoul_2Let me tell you, I have found that even many of these so-called perfect beauties we desperately compare ourselves to often suffer from serious insecurities themselves. If we don’t like something about our looks, repeating negative things in our heads like, “I hate my deep dark circles”, “my face is so fat”, “my nose is hideous” is just filling ourselves with dread and projecting all of that negative energy outward. When someone compliments you do you instantly debate the compliment or point out something you don’t like about yourself? I have seen this so many times. It is a shame.

So do you want to be stuck in that negative rut or do you want to come along with me and transform yourself? I have 5 steps on how to gain control of your inner Soul Beauty and let it shine for the whole world to see. When you master these steps watch your life change for the better. Your self-esteem will soar, you will attract lovely abundance and you will be truly beautiful.

#1. Practice Mirror Mantras. First thing you must learn how to do is to turn off that negative broken record of self-hate. This will take some time as you are breaking an old habit, which doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice so I want you to start this step first and get the party started. Each time a nasty thought like, “My eyes are so tiny” crosses your mind instantly look into the mirror and follow it up with a positive one like, “I love my sweet smile”. When you say these positive words into the mirror each day you will be on your new path of beauty enlightenment. It might seem silly at first but it will get easier and easier as you retrain your brain. You can even write a mantra on your mirror each day or program an alert into your smart phone as a reminder of your awesomeness.

#2. Let Go. Your next step is an important one. Searching within to find the source of your insecurities and pain will allow your soul to face this issue, forgive it and let it go once and for all. It might have been kids that made fun of you for being overweight in school (which is what happened to me), it might have been an overbearing parent who criticized the way you looked or maybe an abusive boyfriend or husband that said hurtful things about your appearance. It might even be your own inner self that is constantly critiquing your outer beauty. Whatever the source, it is time for peace. I want you to get to a quite place whether through meditation, a long walk, even taking a hot bath. Now face that dark place and breathe deeply. I want you to acknowledge that you, at this moment and forever, are filled with a pure beautiful light that glows from within. It is never again to be diminished or dimmed. Take your power back. Own your uniqueness and understand that you are very special, very important and very beautiful. Know that the person, people or even yourself that have hurt you are just coming from a fearful and hurt place themselves. Forgive them as you breathe in and as you breathe out let go of those negative memories. Love yourself. That is the true secret of the most confident and self-assured happy people in the world.

#3. Practice The Ancient Feminine Ritual Of Beautification. For thousands of years women have enhanced their looks from Egyptians lining their eyes to the ancient Mesopotamians wearing lipstick. The only main difference between our female ancestors and us is that they used cosmetics for empowerment while many of us are using it out of insecurity. They used makeup to attract wealth, fertility, love, ward off evil, create magic and celebrate their lives. We use it to cover up flaws or change what we don’t like. Some women are skipping it all together because they feel it’s selfish to take time pampering themselves. Letting yourself go is not an option. Taking care of your outer beauty is as important as taking care of your inner beauty and you deserve it. Taking 5-10 minutes each day to enhance your natural beauty will not only empower you but you will feel amazing and keep you on top of your game. You don’t need a multistep routine just use the right products in the right places to play up your best features.

#4. Feature Focus. An easy way to enhance your natural beauty the right way is to play up your best features. I call it “Feature Focus”. Instead of using cosmetics to change what you don’t like about your face, use them to enhance what you do love and focus all that beautiful energy on the positive. Look into the mirror and kick away any corrosive thoughts. Now close your eyes and breathe in and say, “I am beautiful” now open your eyes and what lovely feature stands out? Is it a thick lash line? Is it a cute splattering of freckles? Is it a unique iris color? Is it a quirky smile? Now use makeup to enhance that feature. Luscious lips can go bold with a fun new lipstick hue. Round cheeks can be celebrated with a highlighter and a swirl of pink blush. A strong nose can be accentuated with a shimmering highlighting powder. Own those features and focus on the beauty you posses.

#5. Practice Contagious Compliments. It is our duty as women to help our fellow sisters feel strong and beautiful. We are living in a world where we see women tear each other down in reality shows, gossip in the work place and I can’t even begin to talk about all the bullying that goes on with our younger girls in school. If we start practicing Contagious Compliments we can start to change our collective consciousness making us all feel confident and connected. So next time you see a woman at the checkout counter at the grocery store with beautiful hair, tell her. If the bus driver has gorgeous skin, let her know. If your cousin’s eyes are pretty, throw her a compliment. You never know what kind of day these ladies might be having and chances are that you will make their day if you compliment them. It will make you feel good too and it’s contagious.

So my lovelies practice these 5 magical steps each and every day and begin to discover your own inner Soul Beauty. Get ready to join the positive beauty revolution and Carmindize your life!


4 Comments on “Achieve Soul Beauty Now”

  1. GCG

    Thank you Carmindy for spreading positive beauty advice I always enjoy how you encourage every lady on What Not To Wear, to enhance their natural beauty. It is always a nice reminder to play up what’s already there instead of trying to completely change what we look like. Failed attempts at beauty such as botox lip injections look so unnaturally obvious. There’s a time and a place for everything and the occasion may dictate. Often times, less is more.

  2. Fermin

    Amazing post. Loved it. You have shared an important post here. In my opinion inner beauty is always matters. Nothing else. That is always define a person.Every woman is gifted with some talent. All people are not same. Everybody is unique. Beauty is not about good looks. It is more than looks. It is our inner beauty that is always important.

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