The Green Beauty Goddess

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When it comes to organic, natural and non-toxic skin care nobody curates it better than the beautiful Larissa Thompson co-founder of Onda Beauty. A fellow boho beach girl who loves natural beauty Larissa and I have been kindred spirits for years. We met working together in the magazine world (she used to be a fashion editor) but her love for travel, health, wellness and organic skincare lead her down an authentic path of wanting to share all the best green goodies out there. She recently launched her new online store (with a NYC boutique on the way) with Aussie biz … Read More

Cold Weather Beauty Hacks On A Budget

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photo by Palma Kolansky

It’s just incredible how time flies and here we are smack dab in the middle of December. How the heck did that happen? With the weather getting colder now many of you have been writing to me asking how to deal with dry flaky skin, saving your lips from chapped madness and what makeup to wear now that we have lost our summer glow. Yes indeed your beauty rituals need to be adjusted for the colder weather but you don’t have to run out and spend a whole paycheck on all new products. I’m going to share with you exactly … Read More

Summer Beauty

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Growing up as a Southern California girl, my last 20 years as a New Yorker have not been able to erase the year-round yearning for sunshine, palm trees, big waves and a great tan. Sun, surf and sand scream my name every summer and it is my absolute favorite time of year. All the fun in the sun is great for the soul but can be a total bummer on your beauty routine if you are not careful. You can still celebrate the season but be diligent about protecting your beauty from the inside out. I’m going to share with … Read More

Lippie Love

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photo by Daniel Garriga

Springtime is here and nothing says fresh like a brand new lip color at any age! Bright and floral lip shades are the perfect pick-me-up to update your makeup wardrobe for spring. There is a garden full of new choices and formulas that are modern like matte lip tints and lipsticks, semi-sheer juicy universal reds and bursts of colorful lip crayons for every mood. The easiest way to wear a bold lippie is to keep the rest of your makeup as simple as possible with just a little foundation, highlighter, black mascara and blush and then let your beautiful new … Read More

Look Fabulous over 40 and Beyond

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I believe that beauty is ageless and that no matter what your number is, it’s the way you carry yourself that keeps you looking beautiful! Many of you lovely ladies ranging in age from early 40’s all the way up to 70’s, have been writing to me lately asking for makeup advice. There are definitely some must-do tricks and some must-never-do-again tips that will keep you looking amazing so you can carry yourself with beautiful pride into your future. Must-Do Tricks 1. Choose A Hydrating Liquid Foundation. A great foundation is absolutely key as we mature because our skin becomes … Read More

Super Power Serums

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A woman’s skin care routine after the age of 35 is just not complete without a super power serum. As we age sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and changes in texture and tone all start to show up on our faces. Serums can help slow the aging process improving our complexions and restore our radiant glow so the sooner we start the better off we will be. All we have to do is add this easy extra step in between your daily cleansing and moisturizing ritual and you will be amazed how your skin improves after regular use. Now … Read More

A New Beautiful You

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Photography by Laurie Bartley for Numèro China

Each New Year’s Eve most of us make up a long list of resolutions as a promise to ourselves to break old habits, try something new or accomplish fresh goals. Unfortunately most of us start off with a bang and end in a whimper. This year totally dedicate yourself to being the most beautiful and healthy you and live your life accordingly. It’s not as hard as you think you just need to jumpstart a new routine and stay just as consistent to it as brushing your teeth. I personally have a crazy New Years Eve ritual every year where … Read More

Carmindy’s Beauty Gift Guide

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This season give the gift that keeps on giving – BEAUTY! I’ve curated all my favorite beauty stocking stuffers and pretty presents that will make your family and friends look and feel their very best. From yummy beauty treats to men’s skin tools everyone on your list is truly taken care of. Let’s go shopping! 1. Mun Skincare Created with both you and the planet in mind, this organic skin care product line connect the cycles of beauty, health, and sustainability. Pure, natural, and completely free of synthetic chemicals, Mun’s ingredients are derived from native plants that are carefully selected … Read More

The Perfect Cat Eye In 3 Easy Steps

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Creating a perfect cat eye is a super chic way to play up your eyes in a fun flirty way. From Marilyn Monroe to Bridget Bardot this classic Hollywood look is here to stay and hotter then ever. You can use traditional black or go bold with bright shades like blue, purple or green for a modern twist. Don’t be intimidated if you are not a makeup master. This flawless sweep of liner is easy to achieve if you practice my 3 simple steps to getting it right every time. Before you get started apply foundation and powder to the … Read More

Contour Controversy

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Charles Darwin once said, “If we were all cast in the same mold there would be no such thing as beauty” and I agree. It is our differences that make us so special and beautiful. So then what in the world is going on with some of us trying to use contour makeup to clone ourselves into looking like some trendy ideal? The contour makeup craze has become so huge in the beauty world it has many of us running around looking absolutely ridiculous. Contour is a way of shading using dark shadows or creams to sculpt and change the … Read More