The 7 Top Lash Looks

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Having flirty long eyelashes is a beauty bonus that we all wish we had. In this day and age, we can achieve whatever fabulous fringe we dream of. On the market we can find lash curlers, thickeners, dies, growth serums, fakes, extensions, mascaras that plump, lengthen, thicken, extend, tube and mimic falsies. Whew, it’s exhausting and where do you even begin? First thought, is what look are you trying to achieve? Here are the most coveted lash looks and how to achieve them. 1. Natural- for a super natural look stay away from falsies, extensions and thickening mascaras and instead … Read More

Achieve Soul Beauty Now

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What makes a woman beautiful? Is it the idealized images we see in magazines and on Instagram every day? Is it societies obsession with perfection? Is it painting on someone else’s idea of beauty? It’s none of these things. What truly makes a woman beautiful is what she radiates from within and then cares for on the outside. It’s an absolute confidence and self-love that shines from the soul into other people’s eyes. It moves you. It transforms you. It’s contagious. I call it Soul Beauty. I have worked with models, celebrities, professionals, moms, students, teens, grandmothers, cancer survivors and … Read More

Top 5 Bright Eye Tips

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Most of us have crazy busy lives juggling kids, work, school, etc. and we tend to feel worn down and exhausted during the day. Our eyes can be a dead give away showing how truly fatigued we really are. There is nothing worse then someone saying, “Geez you look so tired, are you feeling okay?” Stop the negative comments on how tired you look by trying my top 5 bright-eyed tips that will help you look well rested in a flash. #1. Wake up your eyes first by using a few drops of Visine Maximum Redness Relief. These drops will eliminate … Read More