Contour Controversy

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Charles Darwin once said, “If we were all cast in the same mold there would be no such thing as beauty” and I agree. It is our differences that make us so special and beautiful. So then what in the world is going on with some of us trying to use contour makeup to clone ourselves into looking like some trendy ideal?

The contour makeup craze has become so huge in the beauty world it has many of us running around looking absolutely ridiculous. Contour is a way of shading using dark shadows or creams to sculpt and change the planes of the face in a severe way. Once saved for stage makeup so entertainers under hot lights didn’t look washed out, this extreme style has somehow made it’s way into our every day makeup routines.


When this old school stage makeup trick leaked out, many YouTubers started painting on layer after layer of heavy contour masking their true beauty and creating a false look of someone else. Because of the over-the-top results, millions of their viewers began mimicking the look and makeup companies jumped on board marketing all kinds of contour kits and products. The pressure was on to learn how to map out the face using contour so you could look like the celebrity of the moment. Everyone started to look artificial and exactly the same. I mean even the new hot style called “Clown Contour” says it all in the name. Come on! Word to the wise my lovely beauties … It never looks natural in real life and it is taking away from the point of makeup, which I feel is to enhance your natural beauty and showcase it not drastically change it.

Wearing that much paint on your face can send the message that your natural features aren’t worth celebrating. Many makeup junkies would argue with me that they think they look hot with this look and it gets them attention. They get comments on their videos and photos when they are bare faced that they are ugly or look terrible and after the tons of heavy contour that they look gorgeous. They were beautiful to begin with and the right makeup could celebrate their unique faces and showcase trends that are empowering not destructive. The negative comments they receive pre-sculpting should be utterly dismissed and never played into.

Now I understand that so many girls are living in a 2 dimensional world of non-stop “selfies” and this contour craze makes them look exactly like every airbrushed celebrity out there on their Instagrams. That is why I think the trend has gotten so big, but honestly but it’s not real, it’s not you and it’s not right for a daily makeup routine. Makeup can be fun and it has the power to make you feel on top of your game but not when you try and completely hide behind it.

Trends come and go and for those of you who want to celebrate yourself, have mega confidence with or without makeup then avoid this trend that sends the message that you are not good enough unless your reform your face. Love your features and empower your beauty by using makeup lightly to polish it not paint it and watch your self-esteem soar!


8 Comments on “Contour Controversy”

  1. Hannah Silva

    Perfect. Totally agree. We should use make up to celebrate our unique beauty, and the only thing that this “contour fever” does is tell the girls that they’re far from perfection and should modify their faces.

  2. Sandra Duarte

    LOVE THIS! I totally agree. At some point I wanted to at least try it, but I never did, & now, reading this, I don’t even want to! Makeup is about highlight your natural look & enhancing your natural features. One day I hope I can get my makeup done by YOU, Carmindy! It would be my dream!! Makeup by you, & styled by Stacy London! I love BOTH of you & admire both!

  3. Kristin

    Well said! I work in a cosmetic store and I have access to a lot of brands and trends. The girls and I mean girls that come in and want to learn how to contour and look red carpet ready are proof that they see themselves as less than any number of celebrities. The moms that put their hands to their face and cry about how pretty we made her daughter, umm, I only enhanced what she already had-please celebrate them as the beauties that they are!!!! Don’t be in such a rush to grow up!!!

  4. Minnie

    Hey!! U r totaly right and i agree with u.. Every wimen is unique in her own way.. I dont know about others.. But i definitely enjoy my ien uniques..

  5. Murphy

    Thanks for this, Carmindy — honestly, the craze is juts weird. I remember just a year ago a beauty columnist saying “skip the contouring — leave it in the 70’s where it belongs.”… the trend is so unnatural. So glad you shared some commonsense advice on this. 🙂

  6. Tara

    I really enjoyed and agree with what you said; however, I think a lot of the craze has to do with how the information to contour is available everywhere you look. It’s quite easy to say, enhance your natural beauty, but it doesn’t really give one concrete direction. You can find thousands of contouring videos, tutorials, ect, and it can make someone who’s been searching for a few make up tips feel better about how they see themselves and how they do their make up. I’d love to see more tutorials from you on how us regular gals can figure out how to actually enhance our natural features, but it seems overwhelming to even know where to begin. I can’t tell what I should be doing by looking at my face, but contouring is easy to break down. Also, I can’t tell you how many times the ladies at the makeup counter contour my face,and since they seem like the experts….I feel like I should follow suit.

  7. Karen

    “Beauty” separates people into levels of desirability.

    If we were all cast in the same mold there would be no such thing as ugly/unattractive people either.

    It’s all about natural selection, and guess who gets selected? The beautiful. That’s why people try to conform to the ideal.

    We can pretend like it doesn’t exist, but the reality is that often no one wants to celebrate the diversity of one’s huge nose, under eye bags, jowls, etc.

    Doing a little bit of light-handed contouring can banish some shadows and shade the too prominent areas.

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