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A woman’s skin care routine after the age of 35 is just not complete without a super power serum. As we age sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and changes in texture and tone all start to show up on our faces. Serums can help slow the aging process improving our complexions and restore our radiant glow so the sooner we start the better off we will be. All we have to do is add this easy extra step in between your daily cleansing and moisturizing ritual and you will be amazed how your skin improves after regular use.

Now hear me my pretty ladies, we are all in this together and we are all heading in the same direction so let’s hold hands and share our beauty secrets along the way. We can all learn how to care for our skin the best way possible as we get older but let’s not get crazy and obsess about aging my sisters, as it is just a waste of precious time. Let’s have fun instead and love ourselves. Now back to serums…

The technology in skin care serums today is incredible and the only real issue is weeding through all the claims. It is hard to decide which is the best for you or more importantly what makes sense in your budget. I believe in proper daily skin care as opposed to wasting money on facials. It’s the same as eating like crap and then doing a juice fast every once in a while. It’s counterproductive. Better to care for your skin daily and the money you would waste on expensive facials should go to using serums instead.

I also believe on saving money by purchasing inexpensive cleansers and moisturizers and splurging on serums that really work. I have compiled a list of my favorite super serums some pricey and some cheap so no matter what your budget there is one for you.


If you have the basic combination of aging issues like fine lines, sun damage and changes in texture and tone then there is an all-in-one skin rejuvenating serum that I absolutely swear by from SkinMedica called the TNS Essential Serum. This is the be-all-end-all of serums and worth every single penny as far as I am concerned. To make this product last and stretch out the high cost I only apply it over the most needed areas on my face right before bed. It contains growth factors, 7 potent antioxidants, soluble collagen and proteins. It is found in most high-end dermatologists’ offices and even won a New Beauty Magazine Beauty Choice Award. It is truly the gold standard of serums.




If you have aging skin that is prone to breakouts there has not been much on the market for you that has not been geared only to teenagers. Now the incredible skin care company SkinCeuticals offers their Blemish + Age Defense Serum. This awesome serum reduces sebum production managing acne while at the same time its combination of dioic and alpha beta hydroxy acids reduces fine lines and wrinkles smoothing out skin tone.




If you ask any dermatologist they will all agree that it’s retinols that will help slow fine lines and wrinkles from forming on the skin. Neutrogena Rapid Repair Serum is an inexpensive way to not only battle age with retinol but it will also keep skin super hydrated with hyaluronic acid. Both of these ingredients tend to be pricey on their own, so this really is a bargain. The value gets even better when you realize you only need to use it about 3-4 times a week.




For the purists’ out there organic vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant that combats aging by stimulating cellular renewal and providing photo-aging defense. Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Vitality Facial Serum targets the sagging skin, fine lines and helps stimulate collagen and elastin. The ticket price is nice too.




It’s rare that you use a product just once and wake up to see your skin is instantly smoother, brighter and better. Well, that happens every time I apply Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. This bottle is power packed with antioxidants like vitamin C & E and Ferulic acid that strengthens skin’s natural protection from free radicals, brightens and tightens the skin and softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Once applied the vitamin C stays effective for up to 72 hours so you can make the cost of this product make sense of not having to use it every single day.




Quench even the driest skin with this rich concentrate of essential antioxidant oils. Odacíte Hydrating Skin Serum Concentrate comes in Pomegranate Rose Geranium, Blueberry Jasmine or Wild Carrot and are organic, cold-pressed and cruelty-free. These deep penetrating serums are a great choice in the dry winter months for parched skin that wants to stay moist and dewy.




18 Comments on “Super Power Serums”

  1. susan Adelle

    Thanks so much for the tips, Carmindy. I use way too many products – all expensive – and learning not that I can switch to simple and easy.

  2. DFNY

    Love your tips– practical and affordable. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Btw: miss seeing you in WNTW. You should have your own TLC spot!

  3. Fumi

    Hi Carmandy,
    As a facialist myself, adding facials into a monthly routine will also do miracles alongside with proper home skincare regimen for optimal skin health. As a footnote, simply adding an expensive, powerful serum like you suggest here will not help with a nice glow of the skin itself is not in tune. I believe that proper education on skincare should be given from an esthetician ‘s point of view.

  4. Blondie

    Have used C E and Ferulic for many years after being advised by plastic surgeon…it’s a miracle in a bottle.I have glowing skin and will be 64 yrs old in another month!

  5. Frances Davis

    I have used all Neutrogena products for skin care for years. Even my dermatologist thinks these are good products. I am 77 and no one can believe it so I think this is doing its job. I simply cannot afford these expensive products. I am sure they may be richer or something than what I use but I just cannot afford this high cost. Thank you for helping us try to stay as good looking as we can.

  6. k

    Dearest Carmindy,
    Thank you for passing on your knowledge, you are a jewel- and appreciated.
    Thank you also for hitting all the marks budget wise.

  7. lisa

    I need to reorder some products I bought on this site, but don’t see where to select the times!


  8. Dawn Blaschick

    Hi Carmindy,

    We worked together many years ago on Fit Magazine with Bruce Perez. I’m the Creative Director for the Beauty Division at Athlon/AMG Publications (they recently acquired a bunch of hair and beauty mags). I’m on deadline with an article on drugstore beauty buys and sam you mentioned Neutrogena Rapid Repair Serum on your blog. Would like permission to reprint this one item and any other products you would recommend. My cell is 917-575-3537. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you…Happy New Year!
    Dawn Blaschick

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