The 7 Top Lash Looks

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Having flirty long eyelashes is a beauty bonus that we all wish we had. In this day and age, we can achieve whatever fabulous fringe we dream of. On the market we can find lash curlers, thickeners, dies, growth serums, fakes, extensions, mascaras that plump, lengthen, thicken, extend, tube and mimic falsies. Whew, it’s exhausting and where do you even begin? First thought, is what look are you trying to achieve? Here are the most coveted lash looks and how to achieve them.

the7_21. Natural- for a super natural look stay away from falsies, extensions and thickening mascaras and instead just curl them with a lash curler and then use a clear mascara to hold the curl in place. You can also try having them tinted at a local salon. I love to do this before I go away on a tropical vacation, as it’s one extra step I don’t need to be doing when I’m trying to chill on a beach.

2. Lightly Enhanced- For a little more emphasis on the lashes use a lighter formula mascara that usually comes with a comb style wand instead of a brush. This comb allows you to coat them with color without making them appear too thick. Use a dark brown or brownish black hue and apply 1 easy sweep along the upper lashes only for a softer effect.

3. Lush Lashes- For lush looking lashes try mascaras with a thicker brush and a formula that delivers curling, thickening, lengthening and volumizing all in one. Some even contain fibers that build up each lash for major drama. Try Dior Show Mascara and sweep it on bottom and top lashes using as many coats as you like to get the effect you desire.

4. Hassle-less Dramatic Fringe- If you want dramatic fringe but hate applying mascara day after day then try getting a set of lash extensions. A lash extension expert will apply them to each individual lash and you can skip having to apply anything to the lashes at all when you are done. You will have to get them touched up every few weeks however.

5. Falsies- for fun super flashy lashes try using falsies. It’s a bit harder to apply a full set unless you’re used to it so snip a set in half with cuticle scissors and apply in sections for an easier application.

6. Smudge-proof- If you have great lashes but mascara tends to smear, but you hate waterproof formulas try the tube technology mascaras like DHC Double Protection Mascara that won’t run but is easy to wash off at night.

7. Boost thinning lashes – If you feel like your lashes have thinned over time ask your dermatologist about Latisse a lash growth serum that really works. I’ve tried it myself and the results were spectacular. A friend of mine had to actually stop using it for a while because her lashes became to be too long. What a great problem to have!


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