The Perfect Cat Eye In 3 Easy Steps

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Creating a perfect cat eye is a super chic way to play up your eyes in a fun flirty way. From Marilyn Monroe to Bridget Bardot this classic Hollywood look is here to stay and hotter then ever. You can use traditional black or go bold with bright shades like blue, purple or green for a modern twist. Don’t be intimidated if you are not a makeup master. This flawless sweep of liner is easy to achieve if you practice my 3 simple steps to getting it right every time.


Before you get started apply foundation and powder to the eyelids to create the perfect canvas to sweep on your retro wings and have them stay put.

1. Now the first step is to take a sharp black eyeliner pencil and lightly trace along the upper lash line from the inside corners starting thin and moving outwards getting slightly thicker as you go and finish in a wing at the ends of the eyes. By slightly tugging on the outside corner of the eye it makes the skin taught and easier to apply. Try a long wearing formula like Loreal Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner which glides on smoothly.

2. Now you have created the perfect stencil for your next step. The second step is to take a black liquid liner and trace over the pencil stencil gliding along making the cat eye more intense. The stencil makes it much easier to sweep on the liquid liner without making a mess. I like using a cream liner like Smashbox Jet Sex Waterproof Eyeliner with a flat angle brush or try the cool new CoverGirl Intensify Me Liquid Liner double edge pen.

3. The third and last step is to take a synthetic tipped concealer brush and dip it in a little concealer or foundation and then use it like an eraser around the wing cleaning it up and making the wing the exact shape that you want.

Now keep this look chic by skipping eye shadows and instead just use black mascara on top and bottom lashes for drama. Pair the eyes with either a nude lip for a 60’s vibe or bold bright lip for a more trendy kick.


7 Comments on “The Perfect Cat Eye In 3 Easy Steps”

  1. Christine

    A huge THANK YOU for getting your website and helpful hints back on. I miss seeing your magic on What Not To Wear. Seriously, TV folks, give this gal her OWN show. We would love it!

  2. Judith Berson

    I have been using your Sally Hansen luminizing face primer and can’t get it anymore. What do you recommend I use instead of it? I had a NY consultation with you and have been happily using your products for quite some time.
    Thank you, Judith

  3. Anita

    As I age (68) i still like to get made up for going out but my eyelids have become crinkly and so doing any kind of cat’s eye is near impossible. Please help your baby-boomers with tips!

  4. dolly

    I agree with Anita…Iam 63 and now have hooded eyes…I love Cat Eyes, but should I stay away from it due to the lack of space on my eyes? Or, if I can do cat eyes, how would I do it?

  5. selena

    This is perfect for a well on-point tutorial on this look. I will definitely follow your tips at home. It’s simply gorgeous and I really love the way you teach. Thanks!

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