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Each New Year’s Eve most of us make up a long list of resolutions as a promise to ourselves to break old habits, try something new or accomplish fresh goals. Unfortunately most of us start off with a bang and end in a whimper. This year totally dedicate yourself to being the most beautiful and healthy you and live your life accordingly. It’s not as hard as you think you just need to jumpstart a new routine and stay just as consistent to it as brushing your teeth.

I personally have a crazy New Years Eve ritual every year where I jump into the ocean (you can substitute a bath or shower) and affirm my resolutions for the coming year. For some reason I feel that floating in the water helps me wash away all negative blocks and obstacles and allows me to relax and focus on what I truly want to accomplish. You can also write down your goals for the New Year on a piece of paper and then light it on fire to release it into the universe. These little rituals just help you deliberately fixate on your own inner power and what you want to achieve.

To start off easy I have 3 simple beauty resolutions that will help you look and feel better about yourself in a month’s time so it will be very easy to keep up with the resolutions all year long. First resolution is to start eating skin glowing super foods to boost your complexion from the inside out. Incorporate more fresh foods that contain collagen boosters and rich antioxidants like berries (loads of antioxidants), salmon (omega-3 fatty acids), sweet potatoes (vitamin E and C), avocados (vitamin B), almonds (vitamin E), hot peppers (vitamin C) and kidney beans (hyaluronic acid). It’s easy to just toss a few of these things into a smoothie or a salad once a day and you will be ahead of the aging game.

Second resolution is to never ever go to bed without washing your face, applying a serum and then following with a moisturizer. Most women come to me with skin complaints and you would be surprised how many tell me they don’t have a nightly beauty routine. Many fall asleep in their makeup and many only clean their faces in the morning. This is a total no no and a bad habit that needs to be broken immediately. Make sure no matter how tired you are at night to always wash your face for clean skin, apply a serum to fight aging and then moisturize so the skin can rehydrate and look glowing in the morning. You do not need to wash your face again in the morning just re-apply a moisturizer, sunscreen and your foundation or CC cream and you’re good to go.

Third resolution is to always give your self that extra few minutes in the morning to perform the ancient feminine right of beautifying yourself. Applying my simple 5 Minute Face routine will enhance your natural beauty so you can run out the door looking and feeling on top of your game. Start off with foundation and a little under eye concealer. Next, you will want to Carmindize your face by applying a cream highlighter on the brow bone, on the inner corners of the eyes and on tops of your cheekbones. Dust on a little face powder and then line the upper lash line with an eyeliner pencil. Apply a sweep of mascara on the tops of the lashes and then swirl on blush to the apples of the cheeks. Slick on a tinted balm, gloss or lipstick and you are ready to roll.

So you see by using you own spiritual strength, eating right, caring for your skin and applying a quick beauty regimen each day you can accomplish a gorgeous new you in 2016!



48 Comments on “A New Beautiful You”

  1. Cowa

    Thank you very much for the great suggestions and tips!

    Thought you’d want to know and perhaps correct the very common misspelling I noticed at the end of the 4th paragraph above.
    Correct: “you’re good to go” – not “your good to go.”

    Thanks again and Happy New Year!

  2. Anne

    Please describe what you mean by a “serum” for night time. There are a bewildering number of skin serums out there and I have no clue (but am willing to be reformed!)

    1. carmindy

      It depends on what your needs are. Dry skin will need a hydrating serum, aging skin will need a retinol and blotchy skin will need a pigment corrector serum.

  3. Susan

    I really needed to be told to wash my face at night – I only do it 50% of the time and know it is bad. 🙁

  4. Maureen Snyder-Oyen

    Thank you so much Carmindy, I appreciate the reminders to help my new year be a glowing skin year! Also great to see you in my inbox again, I so miss seeing you in TV as you are more than an awesome makeup artist, you really helped people see there beauty and feel better about themselves! Keep it up and Id love it if you wrote another book!

  5. Pilar

    Thanks, for your wonderful suggestions, I am especially happy to hear from you again, I will surely try your suggestions.
    Have a wonderful and Happy new year❣❣❣

    1. carmindy

      The right serum depends on what type of skin that you have. If you are dry go for a hydrating one and if you are fighting aging then go for a retinol. Oily skin needs a clarifying toner. In fact….you just gave me a great idea to do a blog about it! Thanks!!!!!

  6. Shelley

    Hooray, you’re back! Your positive reinforcements are as valuable as the makeup tips. I’m always up for an attitude adjustment. Hope you are writing another book. See you on TV soon, I hope. Have a smashing New Year!

  7. Sharon

    Thank you so much for the positive advice! My thoughts when I look in the mirror lately are very negative so hearing these 3 positive things that I can do has helped immeasurably!
    Here’s to living beautifully!

  8. Me-Me LeBlanc

    Been following you for years. Now 63 and doing many things I learned from you. But face powder instead of cream foundation? Love when I could but you things at any drug store. Can never find the right color makeup. Help??

  9. Me-Me LeBlanc

    Been following you for years. Now 63 and doing many things I learned from you. But face powder instead of cream foundation? Love when I could buy your things at any drug store. Can never find the right color makeup. Help??

    1. carmindy

      You should use my Game Changer Foundation followed by my face powder to set. I will be launching soon so i’ll help you with the correct shade when it is available.

  10. Gail

    Saw that Stacey and Clinton will be back on this season. Will you be joining them I hope? Ted Gibson too? I loved you all. Even got to speak with clinton once over the phone.

  11. Nidhi

    Thanks for guidance, u r such a awesome and talented women, it’s wonderful seeing ur blog, help with serum, what kinda serum or which brand?

  12. Anne Marie

    Yay, Carmindy! So happy to be receiving your newsletters again. I’ve been a big fan for years. Met you once at the 42nd St Sephora in NYC. You were so kind and along with signing your book, took a pic with me that I still have to this day! Wishing you much love and happiness in the New Year! XO

  13. Roberta Ouaou

    Thank you Carmindy, I,m so glad you are back, you are one of the best
    Makeup artist. I miss seeing you on TV.
    You use the right amount of makeup, and you make people look more
    Beautiful when you put the right makeup on.
    Thank you for all that you do!
    Roberta Ouaou

  14. Ginny

    Love to have you back! Would like to see more info on serums and perhaps some brands of serum, moisturizers and foundation to try. (You gave me a make over several years ago and I use your tips every day.)

  15. Elizabeth

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! I am so happy I got this newsletter this morning. Has been a tough last days for me emotionally. So needed this 🙂

    What to do mean by CC?

  16. L

    I sure miss your spray on make up. I wish you would include product recommendations . As Someone above stated there is a bewildering bunch if stuff out there

  17. Frances Davis

    I use Netrogena in the morning and at night after my face is clean. It that was you mean by serum. The day one had a SPF in it. I love you back in my mail box. Are you still making cosmetic, if so where can I buy what you use.

  18. Linda Myers

    So happy that you are back! I really !miss you on TV. I am 77years old and you have helped me to stay younger. I hope you will back with Stacey and Clinton. Thanks for all of your wonderful tips.

  19. Carol Harper-Holden

    You are right; I eat all these foods and my face is flawless. I don’t wear a lot of makeup though. But I do wear powder, eyeliner and mascara. I drink a lot of water and I exercise. I am 51 years young.

  20. Janet Damon-Atlas

    Do you see people in NYC, and if so, how much do you charge? I’m 72, young at heart, and would like to learn about contouring.


    Janet Damon-Atlas

  21. Ruthann Vihon

    Great to hear from you. We miss your tv appearances. I also miss your cream blush! I am 75 and still working with the public and, therefore, want to look my best. Powder finds my wrinkles!! Have you another market for your cream blush? Happy 2016.
    Ruthann Vihon

  22. Jess

    Great simple beauty resolutions!!! Love your makeup line and can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016! I’d love to get a makeover from you but I am not in the NYC area. If you come to SD, I’ll sign up right away 🙂 Happy 2016!

  23. Leah

    Yay! Welcome back Carmindy! I have been obsessed with carmindizing for years. My look is not complete without it. Thanks for the tips.

  24. Juana

    Carmindy hello … my name Juana am from Perú, I want to know how I correctame makeup in five minutes … because the truth rizillo my lashes first, then I miss the irst delinio eyes after me but I wear eyeshadow and finally some basis for dark circles is not note … not if this makeup I wear.

                                             Carmindy thanks for your response.

  25. Sharon Mello

    HI Carmindy…I was using your products you had on HSN, which are no longer available. Love all of your products and if I’m correct from reading a couple of emails, you are launching them again? I can only hope so!!!!! Using my last bottle of foundation, high lighter and blush…will be soo happy to see them again LOL!!!!!

  26. Cynthia Lion

    Dear Carmindy, I love This blog and the great tips. Do you have a suggestion for a night serum for aging. I wash my face at night but just not sure what to buy for a serum. Thank you

  27. Caroloy

    Hi Carmindy!

    Have missed you! Love all your helpful beauty tips. I have an eyebrow problem.
    I’m a young 64 year old. With underactive thyroid. My eyebrow are not as full as they used to be. in fact they are growing in like my dad’s used to be. thick, wirely and sparse. I brush them everyday. I brush them up and trim with small scissors. Any ideas on how to get them to lie flat?

  28. Martha H.

    Have reslly missed your makeup products and glad to hear you are still planning to have products!!!

  29. Shelley Sager

    Hi Carmindy

    I’m wondering if you can give me tips on how best to apply makeup (and what products to use) as you get older. I am 58 years old and am just not achieving the look I want, especially on my eyes. Thank you!

  30. Rita Tetz

    Please, please tell me your game changer foundation will be available soon. The substitute products you recommended don’t compare to your superb product.
    I can hardly wait…

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